SWAT and SWATCo’s (nothing to do with armed response units)

I have recently taken the role of SWAT Coordinator across the school. After attending one meeting of SWATCo’s I cannot wholeheartedly define my role, which I believe will develop over time. However, I do know that SWAT will allow the continued development of teaching and learning and I think that opportunities for this with similar schools is integral to engage and challenge our students.

That’s nice, but what is SWAT?

SWAT (The South West Academic Trust) is a partnership of leading South West grammar schools and The University of Exeter.  


The schools involved can be seen on the map above: Bishops Wordsworth School, Bournemouth School for Girls, Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Colyton Grammar School, Devonport High School for Boys, Parkstone Grammar School, Plymouth High School for Girls, Poole Grammar School, South Wilts Grammar School, Torquay Boys Grammar School and Torquay Girls Grammar School.  These are leading academic schools in the South West region and these links are the start of exciting partnerships.

The vision for SWAT is that schools work together to raise achievement and aspiration within our schools.  This partnership started with fewer schools and we have recently joined with the hope that we can work with these partner schools to foster good practice and innovation.  Exeter University’s involvement gives us further opportunities to access resources for our teachers and students through their research and working collaboratively in teaching and learning and preparing students for higher education.

The key areas below are the driving factors for SWAT and its vision:

  • Subject Department collaboration will allow Heads of Department to meet and collaborate on a specific area of their choosing.  This is likely to involve other department members and/or students and should contribute to work already being done to improve and develop teaching and learning

  • Gifted and talented research will allow those who have responsibility for G&T to meet to discuss how they can most effectively be challenged.  These discussions take place alongside events specifically designed for our most able students.

  • SWAT also aims to look at CPD, activities for students and collaboration with local schools and the “Mastering the Dragon”conference is a good example of this in action (look out for more information about this event soon).

Please look out for regular posts and updates about SWAT events and opportunities for our students.

Rachael Green @dhsbgeography

Head of Geography


3 thoughts on “SWAT and SWATCo’s (nothing to do with armed response units)”

  1. This has the potential for really high quality CPD that meets the specific needs of our staff and our students. Some great opportunities for our students to work with other students from similar schools.

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