kinder eggs in the classroom

Now you may have thought that I would be talking about the latest piece of technology to use in the classroom but you would be wrong. The most innovative tool I used with my classes this week was a Kinder Surprise. (without the chocolate of course – we are a healthy school)


The adverts are true that ‘you can find a different surprise in every egg’ It reminds me of the old advert which looking back now is extremely disturbing. If you have a spare 30 seconds here it is:

How do you use the Kinder eggs?

I first heard about this idea from Mr Scott @SBCC_mrscott another teacher at a CPD event. Basically I prepared individual challenges/objectives with the aim to stretch and challenge students from my Year 7 class during the lesson. Students opt to try to extend themselves and if they complete it they are rewarded for taking the risk.

How did it go?

Like anything new that you try to use in the classroom it may never go as you originally planned. First of all I underestimated the desire of my Year 7 students to want to take part, all thirty ran to pick up an egg but unfortunately I only had four (So now I must eat more Kinder Eggs). So then I had to adapt the idea and it became more of a stealth challenge as to ensure more than four students had a chance to take part I asked the students to open the egg, read the challenge, complete it and then return the egg whilst keeping it a secret from everyone else. Although I didn’t plan for this it added a interesting and fun side to the activity.

Using the Kinder eggs had great results, it created a hook for the boys to really challenge themselves and as the teacher I could set this up before the lesson, I could even in future write new objectives/challenges throughout the lesson and add them to the eggs.

Have you got any fun ideas on encouraging students to go that extra mile and to really challenge their learning?

Dan Roberts @danjjroberts

Deputy Headteacher


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