what can swat do for me?

Hopefully you have read my first post about SWAT and you are wondering how you can get involved? I am confident that SWAT can provide our with CPD and opportunities they may not otherwise be able to access.  Below you will find information about forthcoming SWAT events, this is a taster and I will be coming to speak to individuals about their subject meetings and other events in the future.  


Staff who have been on recent SWAT events have found them to be a valuable experience and I would encourage you to look for events in your subject areas or projects that you can get involved with. You can see some of the recent comments below:

“The SWAT event I attended was a day at TGGS where a group of teachers met the renowned artist Kurt Jackson. The morning was spent at a local beach where we worked upon a seascape with the artist. He conversed with all of us and we had the opportunity to discuss his work and techniques. In the afternoon we returned to TGGS where Kurt gave a presentation and we had a question and answer session to follow. The event provided an opportunity to talk with other teachers and share/compare specifications, moderation experiences and practical teaching.”

Penny Cushing, Head of Art at Devonport High School for Boys

“A general sharing of good practice/discussion of problems encountered.  It was very good to be talking to folk who had the same issues, problems (& hopefully solutions) as us. I picked up a couple of ideas I really liked such as Y8 Go to work with your parents day!”

Sue Moreton, IAG Co-coordinator at Devonport High School for Boys

“Excellent meeting held at Colyton Grammar where we were able to spend the time to share good practice.”

Nichole Sanders, Head of Enterprise at Devonport High School for Boys

If you would like more information about SWAT or SWAT events then just ask!

Rachael Green @dhsbgeography

Head of Geography


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