Flubaroo – The teacher’s best friend?

Finding Flubaroo has been a real gem to assist in making sure students know what they have achieved or need to improve on, Special thanks for this has to go to our Swedish guest teachers who visited our school recently as part of the Regio project http://devonregiosweden.wordpress.com/category/launch/. It was a light bulb moment when lots of ideas raced through my head as to the use of this new information.

Flubaroo in essence is an add-on or enhancement to a Google form. The beauty is, it marks the responses and collates all of the data automatically. You can then email students their responses all from one form. It also allows for the corrections to be sent and it keeps all of the results in a neat spreadsheet. So basically you can create your own self-marking assessments, tests or homework. Other benefits of this are, you have the functionality of running graphs or data on averages, you can overview the group or compare groups results.

I am fortunate that within GCSE business one element is a multi-choice exam worth 25%. I have adapted the form to create past papers and this now can be used to assess the class at points throughout the year or to set as a mock paper in exam conditions. It also means that students get instant feedback and therefore they know how to improve within seconds of sitting the test. I also imagine you think you will require computer rooms to do this. Well no, as long as a student has a device i.e. phone, laptop, tablet etc the form will work. As you can probably tell I love it and probably have not captured its true potential yet. I will update further as I find out more. If you would like to know how to set it up I have put together an instructions sheet. Enjoy Flubaroo!

To help please find the instructions below https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qOlK1VqMz6m4KXYRpgaityEmKLzE3z7AlNNohTQkkJg/edit?pli=1

Please let us know if you use it and how you find it?

Nicholas Berryman @BerrymanNick

Deputy Head of House Newton

Teacher of Business and Enterprise


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