Coaching Conversations

In the last two lessons with one of my classes we have been building up peer assessment and coaching skills by giving the students more responsibility to feedback to others.

We discussed together at the beginning of the 1st lesson some ideas on how to give good feedback, the students were familiar with the basic ‘2 Stars and 1 Wish approach’ so we used this as the basis of our feedback. We added to this further by developing some agreed protocols when you have those conversations. For example such as the one receiving the feedback should listen and not interrupt the feedback; they should thank the person for the feedback and finally they should not disagree with the feedback yet they could ask clarifying questions etc.

We then talked through how to create more of a coaching conversation rather than a basic peer assessment feedback conversation. I demonstrated this to the class how we could facilitate this by using examples of questions and showing them how you can get quite a different answer to the question if you phrase it differently. We then came up with several questions together that we would use as a cue for those giving the feedback. They used the questions that you can see below to draw out the improvements:

Probing questions

We used this approach in two ways over the two lessons the first was for feedback after groups of students completed two minute presentations and the second for giving feedback on some written work in the lesson. So far the results have been excellent but the boys will need more practice just like any good coach out there.

Dan Roberts @danjjroberts

Deputy Headteacher


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