lazy teaching helps learning


I think you can work too hard as a teacher, I don’t necessarily mean the hours spent marking and writing reports but actually within the classroom itself. Students need time to think, they need time to reflect, they need time to be challenged and to take a lead in their learning. Some times as a teacher under pressure from the usual sources such as the latest Ofsted, update and others things we can plan too much in a lesson, we can load each plan with activity after activity to ensure that there is a fast pace and lots of challenge. However I took a different step this week, I put my feet up (not literally as the picture shows, that reminds me I must clean my shoes) I took a step back and allowed my students to lead the review at the end of our lesson.

This didn’t give me any extra work to do, I just simply took the plunge, took a risk, I mentioned that it would happen to the class at the beginning and asked for volunteers of which there were several. Then during the lesson I spoke to a couple of the students for a few minutes on what my expectations were and also it was the opportunity to offer them some advice on how to lead it.

The review was excellent, the students asked the rest of the class to reflect on their own learning, then share it, they also went back to the lesson objectives and looked at how much progress they had made. The students really enjoyed this and reflecting on it myself it was just as effective if not more effective if I had done it. So as a teacher are there small tweaks like this that we can make within our lessons? Does this help students to take more responsibility for their own learning and of others? What do you think?


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