Would you like to try Quizlet? No it isn’t a savoury snack

Quizlet is a free web 2.0 tool where you can create and generate your own quizzes. It is absolutely brilliant because: 1) It is free; 2) It is really easy to use and 3) It is an extremely effective learning tool.

Have a look at the site by clicking on this link it shows you a very brief and useful video on how to use it: http://quizlet.com/demo/


It has great potential for students to use as a revision tool. The part that my students really enjoyed about it was that it did a lot of the hard work for you. For example it generates all of the games that you can use for revision itself, if you make flash cards for revision then this site will do it for you instantly. In addition to this you can then share your flash cards with other people all over the world. This means that your revision can also be collaborative.

I know that students are using this at the moment in Maths and Latin but there may be other subjects. Here is an example of one created by Ben one of our Year 7 students for revising ‘imperfect tense’.


What do the students think about it?

‘It is a great way to revise, it makes it more interesting. Making the quizzes also actually helps with your revision too!’ Year 7 student.

What do you think? Have you tried it?


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