Success in SWAT!

This has been a record year at DHSB for SWAT events. Since starting in January getting used to the ways of SWAT has been a steep learning curve, but I think I am finally getting the hang of things.

We have had many successful subject meetings and some organised by our own DHSB staff such as the Maths and Classics events. There has been extensive collaboration, planning curriculums which all SWAT schools are going to teach and sharing of great practice.

The programme of events culminated with the “Mastering the Dragon Conference” in Poole. You have already; I am sure read many of the blog posts about this event. It was a huge success, a real showcase of outstanding practice and celebration of individuals across our schools.


Iain Anderson @iainanders2008 Chair of SWAT opening the MtD Conference 2014

For me the conference challenged my thinking about university, gave rise to some thought provoking conversations about how we provide opportunities outside of the curriculum and I got the opportunity to chat with @headguruteacher about Lesson Study – perhaps the next step for my Lesson Observation Triads.

There are many more exciting events planned, especially for the students in our schools. I am looking forward to continuing to giving colleagues opportunities for CPD across our SWAT schools.

Rachael Green @DHSBGeography



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