Exciting new add-ons for Google Forms



A few weeks ago it was announced by Google that there are many new exciting add-ons been added to Google forms. I use Google forms most days and they really are fantastic. I use them in my lessons to design worksheets which are self marked using Flubaroo and to produce surveys for my students and in so many other ways across the school.

Here are just a few of the growing list of add-ons that you can use today with Google Forms:

  • formLimiter: Close your survey automatically, after a maximum number of responses is reached, or at a date and time of your choosing.
  • Ultradox Trigger: Create custom emails, reports, invoices, newsletters, etc., based on information that people enter into your form.
  • Form Values: Store and pull from lists that you use regularly in Forms, like a list of staff, students, rooms, resources or anything you want.

There is also a really interesting one that now means you can import graphs and mathematical expressions into forms which you couldn’t really do before, this will be great news for maths teachers. This is called gMath.

You can read more about them and how to access them here

Do you use Google forms? What do you use them for? Have you used any of the new add-ons yet?


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