Lead from the Centre

A couple of weeks ago I attended the #SSATNC14 in Manchester, here is my 3rd reflection about the keynote from David McQueen @DavidMcQueen.

David mcqueen 2

It was fantastic to finally meet David and hear him speak, his talk was inspirational and it was also brilliant that he attended the Teachmeet in the evening to do a follow up presentation.

His message was all about student leadership but there were key messages for all leaders within schools.

He started by asking the audience to write down the three most important values to you and then to write down the three most important values to your school. David then said that there shouldn’t be a mismatch between them and if there is then some searching questions are needed. I agree with this because you need to hold close your own values because they define you and the contribution that you make to your school, every day you can be tested but it is vital to promote the values and vision of the school wherever you can.

It was reminiscent of a blog post that I did a couple of years ago and also one of the best TED talks I have seen.

The TED talk by Simon Sinek which is about how great leaders inspire action. If you haven’t seen it then you really must it is a great clip on leadership.

It is a really interesting talk relating to leadership in essence what puts others, (individuals), organisations apart from the rest – ‘they think, act and communicate differently’

David talked passionately about how important student leadership is and in the context of the previous keynote speakers it reinforced that we need to be ensuring that young people are empowered to develop their leadership potential. This is a real strength of our school and something that we are continuing to strive to improve because it is valued by the community.

As David said ‘Give students leadership opportunities because responsibility empowers’

What opportunities are you providing for student leadership?


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