Interactive Independent learning at Key Stage 5

With the constraint of limited time,I feel anxious about the need to complete multiple controlled assessments at the same time as desperation to finish the syllabus with time for revision before the first AS exams. To  improve the chances of  the latter, I often set my students the task of giving presentations on certain topics of the syllabus to their peers and asking them all to complete their own notes on these. This has worked well for years and with advances in technology, the students have delivered increasingly polished presentations and I have been impressed with their ability to speak well and present thorough material. However.. there is always room for improvement and with Google docs, the students are able to work collaboratively and can easily share their work. We can all comment on content and give feedback or challenge material. This format still works. even then….

So my latest development is to set the same task through asking the students to create a Tackk!

This way they can create a mini website with all materials easily accessed through one shared area with interactive features. I have just received the first back and it is impressive. The students could take this further and link a google form through a button at the end which would allow them to assess the learning of everyone in the class… so things can get better and better!!!

Here are my instructions

and here is the first one back

The format of the tackk takes about 15 minutes to master… it’s so easy and just look at these great results.

Sharon Davidson @sharondavidson1

Assistant Headteacher


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