Revise with Studyblue


I have been playing round with some revision based activities recently for my Year 8 Science class and have used many online flash card websites over the years however I have been trying out one called StudyBlue recently.

As a teacher or student I can set up an account for free, there is a premium service that you pay for to have access to more online flashcards already created however I don’t feel you necessarily need that.

As a teacher I can create a set of revision materials for a specific class and invite them to view and use them. These are basically electronic versions of flashcards where I can create keywords and with their meanings and then view them like flashcards. You can then test your own progress with your revision through a quiz or filling in the blanks etc

Even better you could get students to create their own revision activities then share it with the rest of the group. As I joined and registered to the site I noticed that there were around 15 students from my school already using this themselves personally and I was able to view their quizzes and see that they were using it already and have been using it for the last 6 months in a wide range of subjects.

I think that this will be particularly beneficial in improving literacy within science with my Year 8 class which is one of the reasons why I have started using it.

The site is also accessible via an app for both android and ios which makes revising on the go much more easier too.

As we are starting to head into the exam season this would be a great resource to share with your students.

Dan Roberts @danjjroberts

Deputy Headteacher


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