Nicky Morgan @Nickymorgan01 Education the Conservative way

One of the main questions she is asked in her focus groups with teachers is about assessment without levels.

As a result she has commissioned an independent committee to help develop good practice with this.

In the next 5 years there won’t be big changes but time spend on establishing and allowing the recent changes to take root and develop.

Want to increase the number of children taking the ebacc

What we haven’t achieved is excellence everywhere:

Some coastal schools are not performing this is not acceptable and deeply unfair. The priority for the next conservative party is to ensure that the best teachers work everywhere and that young people will compete with all globally.

No system can be better than the teachers that teach in it and the leaders that lead it

We want to grow teaching schools and NLE’s

We want to establish the new Headteacher standards focused on exceptional not acceptable

We want to remove bureaucracy for teachers and Headteachers, that is why we developed the workload challenge survey.

We still need to improve the accountability systems such as Ofsted

We want to empower parents and the community more than we currently do, we want to unlock the data from Ofsted

We have given £5 million to CPD recently and will support the claim your college campaign

We will support the national fair funding agreement

Every time I visit a school I am inspired by everyone, we will always be grateful of what you do day to day but also delivering our plan for education.

Question: How will you improve funding?

We want to get on with this as soon as possible, the £390 million pounds investment is a start. We still live in economically challenging times. We need to eliminate our debt as a country, we have a spending review in the summer and I will make the case to make progress on the national fair funding formula.

Question: Would you support an independent curriculum review?

We don’t necessarily want to see more changes to the curriculum, it will take around 9 years for these changes to work through. Not convinced, good to have independent advice but they should be elected etc to this.

Question: There are severe problems with the recruitment of teachers, what steps will you take to solve this recruitment crisis?

I understand these concerns, part of this is about the recovering economy. We need to develop several strategies, start earlier when people are in school and university. We need to make it easier for those on a break to more easily return to work, school direct, incentivising with better pay.

Question: How will you ensure that more women become Headteachers?

Often it is usually women who take time out of work for children etc, how can we support them to return and develop at leadership level. Identifying talented candidates etc.


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