Sean Harford @harfordsean – National Director of School Policy Ofsted

Sean Talked about the declining number of trainees entering the profession, provide a real challenge to school improvement.

Continual policy shifts are destabilising the education system, Ofsted would support an independent body to advise the DfE.

Headship is a great job but often tough especially with personnel issues, Sean likened it to the role of an Ofsted inspector, this was met with some groans from the audience.

He then Talked about the need for consistency in inspections

Inspections will never be an exact science nor should they but we need to get it right.

A new report states that 8/10 leaders surveyed say that inspections have helped the school improve

How will they achieve this? In two ways

Increase additional inspectors from serving practitioners – 70% from September will be existing practitioners from good and outstanding schools.

Introducing a new common inspection framework from September 2015

3 key factors will ensure a school remains Good:

1. Do they have firm grasp of strengths
2. Do they have a good improvement plan
3. Does the school have the right culture to improve?


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