Tristram Hunt @TristramHuntMP – Education the Labour way #ASCL2015

The first part of Tristram’s speech was focused on technology and how brilliant it is and how it will basically save education. I think it is a fantastic tool however I think it isn’t necessarily appropriate in every situation and also we need more evidence still on the impact that it can have on education in the classroom and wider. The rest of this post is a live scribe of his talk.

Technological and economic challenges are adding pressure to the education system
For example 35% of existing British jobs could disappear to automation in the next couple of decades
The energy provided by the digital revolution creates exciting opportunities for young people.
Social media has sent a shockwave through education with regarding #Claimyourcollege
Change in education must come from the bottom up, give school leaders the freedom

It shouldn’t be the self-improving school system but the self-innovative improving system
The conundrum of education policy is how do we deliver the basics whilst creating opportunities for innovation and creativity?

The current free schools programme has lacked creativity – not focused on improving standards, innovation & value for money but focused on the ones that could open quickly.
We can’t afford to be wasting money on new schools in places that there are already good places.
The strength of leadership and the quality of teaching are the most important things in the new chapter of educational reform.

Funding will be to increase with inflation with Labour.
Over time the disparity of funding needs to be made equitable, hinting at supporting a fair funding formula.

Question: When will Labour deliver a fair funding agreement?

There is a need to address this and make things more equitable, other services such as mental health, social services has been stripped back which has put more pressure on schools. However no answer on timing.

Question: Would labour accept the offer to set up an independent committee to review curriculum every 5 years?

Primary and GCSE curriculum will stay to help stability, progress 8 will stay, support the moves for Ofsted and will consult on how to improve this.

Labour don’t think the A level reforms are appropriate – labour blaming the government for changing A levels too quickly and should have waited. They would keep the new changes till September 2017 would move back to AS and A level system.

Overall some popular statements of intent however can they deliver?


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