Edtech Revision Special – Catch of the Day 2


This one is for students, teachers, mums, dads, brothers, sisters & friends; because let’s face it, the exam period can be a family affair! A time when we can all collaborate to help you get the most out of your exams as possible.

This EdTech revision special is concentrating on technology that could help you revise, identify weaknesses and develop your subject knowledge. Some of the technologies have been discussed in previous DHSB Teaching Blog posts but we are hoping to identify key areas in which they can be used to help you revise. All of the tools discussed are free and easy to use so please explore and see what works best for you.


Due to the feedback Kahoot is a great tool for teachers and classes to identify specific subject areas which the class on the whole need to work on together and also individual areas in which students may need to work on in their own time. Building up to exams Kahoots quizzes can be used to firstly cover whole subjects to identify the weaker areas and as they progress through the weeks the quizzes can become more specific, hopefully becoming even more and more specific as the key weak areas are worked on during lessons and in the students own time until students have worked through the whole curriculum forming a solid base of all round subject knowledge. This will equip students with the best possible chances going into exams knowing that we have built on the whole curriculum, developing depth of knowledge in the weaker areas identified by Kahoots continuous feedback.

Here is a quick demo video of how to use Kahoot:

Kahoot Demo


StudyBlue is based on flash card learning, you create ‘Term’ front side and ‘Definition’ reverse sides of cards online using your notes, more recently they have created a function which suggests in the side panel similar peoples publicly viewable cards which relate to your own to make it easier to create a more wholesome subject content flash card set or even quicker for the terms you are currently using. The technology lets you then take the Cards as a quiz or in the standard flash card way anywhere that you have a web browser or access to their app. After you are finished learning it gives you feedback of your score, tells you what you got wrong and what you got right and you can then choose to retake the whole flash card set or only the ones that you got wrong; if you don’t have time to retake the flash cards again right now you can set a reminder for when you are free and that can be sent via the app, text, email or facebook. StudyBlue sorts the flash cards into associated classes that you create, this enables you to keep track of what you have done and also share with your classmates, collaborate and really make the most out of it.

Here is a quick demo video of how to use StudyBlue:

StudyBlue Demo


Flippity is similar to StudyBlue but is really another option of and using a different platform which students may prefer. Flippity isn’t as flash as StudyBlue but at DHSB we use Google Apps and the integration of Google Sheets with Flippity to create your flash cards, quizzes and certificates is very streamlined with what we are doing here. Which means this may be an easier option for students & teachers to transfer their notes, create quizzes & certificates in Flippity due to the familiarity of Google Sheets and sometimes keeping things simple and familiar at what can be a stressful time is a positive thing. I really like the game show style quizzes in Flippity and think the collaboration and good competition in the classroom can enhance learning and retention of information as well as being a good tool for identifying weak areas for individuals or the whole group.

Flippity uses creates links for your work which you can store in another spreadsheet in Google to keep track of what is what and with the URL link you can share what you have created with anyone anywhere making this another great collaborative tool; you can share and compare your notes with all of your friends.

Here is a quick demo video of how to use Flippity:

Flippity Demo


Tackk lets you create an online page full of information and all types of media, whether it be audio, video, pictures or links. This lets students get creative and use different ways to create their own online learning space of which they can access on any device with a  web browser. I think to create a Tackk for each subject or even sub section of a subject as a summary of what you have learnt and how you have learnt it would be a great tool for reflecting on when revising, everyone learns in different ways and I believe the combination of different medias would really have a positive effect on firstly learning the knowledge and secondly retaining it in different ways so that in an examination it will be easier to recall. You can leave your Tackk as public and also share with anyone that you like so for collaboration this is another great tool, you can also use the community to search and find other peoples Tackks for subjects that are of interest to you so explore and have fun.

Here is a quick demo video of how to use Tackk:

Tackk Demo

Daniel Shahin @danielshahin
Educational Technologist

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