How I Revise

Hi, it’s almost time for the end of year tests and everyone has to get ready. Have you ever wondered what revision means? Have you thought about going through your work? Well it’s basically just that, moving information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. All you learn goes into your short-term memory and if you keep revising it it will go to your long-term memory. Short-term memory is good for remembering things for almost a day and long-term memory can store information as long as you revise things. However, everyone revises differently. You might be wondering how to revise, how are you going to get good levels. Well, I have a simple solution. This is how I revise!

A pen,
A ruler,
A cosy place to sit,
And of course the respective book or website based on what you’re revising.

Basically, all you have to do is switch off the tv or gadget and switch on your brain. Have a drink, kick back and concentrate. If that doesn’t work try having some jazz or Mozart or relaxing music playing in the room, no head phones to fiddle with. Always remember what you have revised before bed this helps move what you have learnt to your long-term memory. Pretty soon you’ll be finding yourself in the bed after a “fun” day revising. Always revise the same thing two days in a row. When you revise just quickly go through what you had revised last time.

Do’s and don’t:

You should always make a timetable for when you are revising. You should always revise mathematics and English for 1 hour each every day. You shouldn’t stick to your favourite subjects and forget about the others. Weekly, do sample tests to see the bits that you’re not so good at.

Helpful websites:

BBC bitesize

So, have a go at revising using the method and have some fun. Tests aren’t always boring and this one doesn’t have to be either.

Samarth year 7


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