Versal to promote literacy

I’ve been using Versal as an online tool to promote literacy. I’m grateful to Kim Croft for showing me how it works. It lets you set quizzes online but has other features within it which let students practise their knowledge in other ways. I particularly like the card sorting feature. I’ve used it as a way of getting students to organise their thoughts before attempting a longer piece of writing. I’ve just this minute finished knocking this together. You should be able to access it by clicking on the link, signing in via Google following the prompt on the screen and then clicking on the link a second time. The links on the page give you the answers. I need students to get hold of the information in the quiz questions: that also exists as a Google Forms quiz. I need them to understand the difference between internal and external locus of control in order to do a piece of practical work. I’ll see how they get on tomorrow.
Mr Tombs

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