Day 5:The Cookie Monster , Sir Ian and Gollum

One of the reasons I get on so well with my form group is because I believe that positive nurturing in the early years will pay dividends as they move up the school and develop into less angelic creatures.
I like to make one of my tutor sessions each week a bit personal geared towards them and their needs and one of the key skills I have been encouraging them to do is to resist temptation.  When I asked them what this could mean at school, they gave me examples such as
“hitting someone when they upset you”
“shouting out an answer in class”
“calling someone a name like douche”
“pinching someone else’s stuff”
Generally the low level annoying behaviour. that if we didn’t have we would have solved the problem nationally.
I then played them this clip from Sesame street as it’s something they’re all familiar with and often the simple messages are the most effective.
The moral to my episode is that we all have “cookies” in our lives everyday.  Your challenge is to resist the cookie, take a deep breath and think about what effect your actions will have. Doing nothing is better than doing something and getting into trouble.
I hope I can use the cookie resistance ……in teaching it’s called patience.
Happy Christmas,
Nicola Lilley10174117234_b263cd11f2

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