Day 8 Powerful words

gobby_academy_logo (1)During the last training day I attended on “challenging the most able”, the session leader mentioned using a mobile application called Gobby Academy developed by the University of Warwick and Stealth Education. This app focuses on finding the most powerful words to include in essays, university applications, and research reports so the writer can express himself in a successful way.

Since I downloaded it, I used it in different contexts and I welcome any idea so I can make best use of it.

One successful way of using it was with the year 11 going through past papers, working on essay questions and quick planning. I organised a carrousel activity where each group of students had 10 minutes to read the question and plan an answer. After 10 minutes, they were given a different question. I encouraged them to use the “Top Trump Words” in the app to reword the questions. The benefits of it are that first, they had to take time to analyse the question before jotting down on paper any idea. When reading an essay question, they had to make the link between the words used and the assessment criteria.

You are maybe thinking by now that a dictionary would certainly do just the same job, as I was doing at uni and school just a few years ago but you’ll have to admit that beyond the mobile practicality, the context feature helps a better understanding of the word.

You can find the link here to download the app:

Merci 🙂 Helene WeltonGobby


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