Juicy Words, Word Games and Words Apps and Websites…

Literacy changes lives: not only does it enable accessibility to education and exams but it has been proven that those with good literacy also have improved economic well-being and aspirations. keep-calm-and-love-literacy-8.png

In September, DHSB staff committed to developing both their own literacy practice and the literacy skills of the students they teach through a whole school literacy focus. In March, there was the opportunity to share new strategies gained in the lively carousel CPD session.

New websites and apps have been  identified: Zygolex, Task Magic; Memrise; Versal and vocabulary.com. Literacy games such as Taboo and Codenames have been developed from their original format to develop specific key word use in Maths and Biology. Marking and feedback strategies that focus on improving literacy have played a significant part in developing subject literacy particularly with an enhanced focus on exam questions now requiring much longer written responses with good SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). This has taken many forms: yellow-box marking; students analysing and marking answered exam questions for themselves and peer assessment sheets that focus on literacy.

In addition to all of this, staff have had fun with the students developing both their reading, writing and oral skills using activities including word wheels, anagramised texts, key word cards, ‘this is the answer: what’s the question?’ games and many more.

Rebecca Edwards @Becky123Edwards



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